Living Breed

Living Breed

I'm beautiful but not obsessed.

The voice in my head is my own. It's positive but prodding.

I smile, even when people are looking.

I relish and record what I've done and move on to do more.

The days I love my work I take it home to polish it off. The days I don't, I strip of it before heading home. I relax and recharge because I'll be better tomorrow, I know it.

I trust my choices and judgment.

I give my best and get the same in return.

I'm in all the way or not in at all.

I'm always thinking forward: about tomorrow, about my dreams.

I have long dreams, and brief nightmares.

I make the first move.

I'm always doing something. I do things I enjoy, I enjoy the things I do.

I rise early. I rest late.

I know vogue and zeitgeist but stay my course.

I am my biggest critic and my greatest fan.

I tackle what I focus on. My skillset is solid and growing. I can do anything I set my mind to.

I reminisce but don't regress.

I panic, I bleed, I feel, I love, I live.

My today is better than yesterday and my future is always better than my past.